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Treasures await in Yokosuka, visit the Kaneyo “shokudo” Fisherman’s Shed-Bar Restaurant on the Beach

The delicious food and sincere service waiting at “The Kaneyo” will give heart to those who appreciate a treasure hunt.

The current Covid-19 challenges require reservations and timed seating, and the tight roads off the highway leading to the restaurant demand careful driving.

After the reservation and navigation challenges are cleared, you'll enjoy local seafood, timely service, excellent wine and beverage list, and a nice Seaview from the beach.

The rustic combination of fishing shack/surfer décor is extraordinary.

The food is excellent. We devoured every dish served and were especially pleased with the pizza made with Japanese wakame (seaweed) and gorgonzola cheese.

The sashimi and the seafood-vegetable fritter combination shouldn’t be missed.

For now, you’ll need to make a reservation and arrive on time.

(We were greeted and assisted with parking upon arrival after carefully navigating a few hundred yards of tight gravel roads from the main highway.)

Dogs are welcome, and we met some well-behaved beauties at the restaurant and upon departure.

The prices are fair but be sure to bring some spare Japanese cash. (The card machine failed when we tried to pay the bill.)

We look forward to our next visit to the Kaneya and imagine sipping cocktails on a hot Japanese summer evening on the beach while enjoying fresh local delicacies from the fishing shack’s kitchen.

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