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Gordon is a Winnipeg born Canadian who’s spent most of his life in Japan. He's worked as a market entry consultant with a focus on the medical and sporting goods industries, and as a sales director for a corporation with multiple product lines. 


He’s presently working on the second novel of a series initiated with The Courier, and its protagonist, Gregg Westwood.


Gordon leans on his experiences built around decades working and traveling in Asia. He’s trained at several karate dojos, run full marathons, and skied black diamond hills in the Japanese Alps.


He played American football at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and started in the Canadian championship game known as the Vanier Cup. Gordon was a member of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity.


When he’s not writing, working, attending one of his daughter’s vocal concerts, pumping iron, or at a Masonic lodge meeting, you’ll find him dining with his wife Mako at their favorite local bistro.


Gordon launched his first novel, a thriller called The Courier, at the end of the summer of 2020. It will be followed by the second of the series soon.

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