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The REVIVAL MOTOR STATION CAFÉ in Miura, a timely discovery

My wife and I love to dine out but have put this luxury aside for several months to comply with COVID-19 safety protocol.

The restrictions to our shared passion seemed to make our decision to unite three generations (our daughter, my wife, and my Mother-in-law) for a rare lunch at a restaurant critical.

The caveats included finding a restaurant in Miura (near my Mother-in-law's condominium), confirming its safety measures, and the ability to reserve an outdoor table.)

We weren’t sure this would be possible as McDonald's, traditional Japanese izakaya, and curry shops are the norm near this region's beaches.

We were pleased to find an exciting option with good reviews and secured a reservation at the REVIVAL CAFÉ. The website shows pictures of the two-year-old business built into a 100-year old Japanese warehouse.

The venue is well designed and enhanced by a classic automobile motif, and the retro vehicles displayed around the main building.

Our get together was almost aborted.

The weather forecast for Yokosuka and Miura (cities south of Tokyo) promised torrential rain and possible thundershowers from morning through our Sunday afternoon.

We’d likely have to move to an inside table (which would make social distancing difficult if not impossible.)

Fortunately, the rain held off until well after we left the REVIVAL CAFÉ, and the welcome breeze made the setting perfectly temperate. (We considered it a remarkable omen.)

If you have the opportunity to visit Miura, we’d recommend the REVIVAL CAFÉ for the following reasons:

*The décor inside the restaurant and displayed around the venue are worth the price of admission.

*The REVIVAL’s simple menu supplemented with daily specials is more than adequate for lunch or a roadside snack.

(We enjoyed today's recommendation of spiced Wagyu beef served over flavorful rice, and accompanied by a small salad, soup, and pickles.) Ice water, delicious tea selections, quality coffee, and some Japanese beer assisted our "wagyu-grill-don lunch."

What about some dessert?

My daughter loved her shave ice with milk tea flavoring, and the cheesecake I regretfully passed up looked sensational.

We look forward to sampling other items from the menu. I walked by a plate of spaghetti that looked sumptuous, and the customers spaced (safely) away from our table, all seemed pleased with their lunch.

*There’s plenty of parking.

*The service was professional, friendly, and they delivered our orders in a timely fashion.


*Be sure to make a reservation and arrive early enough to purchase one of the lunch specials.

*Ice cold beer is the only adult beverage available.

*Cash payments (yen only) and “PayPay”are accepted when you place your order at the front entrance.

*The restaurant closes at 1830, which coincides with the Miura Beach lifestyle and traffic patterns.

We witnessed a lovely rainbow stretching over the Pacific Ocean while driving home. The Japanese call it a “niji” and it is considered good fortune.

(We have to get back to this roadside REVIVAL CAFÉ soon.) The Revival Cafe social media links follow:

Website: http://

Facebook: @revivalmiura

Instagram: @revivalmiura

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