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Follow the challenging path to maintain your Sanity

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to work with a gentleman named Gary Jones. He’s the exercise equipment designer responsible for creating all of the first generation HAMMER STRENGTH plate-loaded weight machines.

Gary is also an expert level chess player, and he credits a childhood mentor for making him better by forcing him to play without his rooks and knights.

"When you create challenges and overcome them, you develop your skills and mental toughness,” Gary encouraged.

I’ve witnessed similar life philosophies over the years and believe the men and women who intentionally select the more challenging roads to follow are better prepared for adversity.

These are the people running marathons when they're built to run through walls.

They are the ones who volunteer for the taxing assignments at work or at home, and some are the intrepid individuals who chose to live in foreign countries where language, culture, and sometimes dangerous obstacles require a daily struggle.

This type of animal generally comes out the other side better for the experience.

The challenges aren’t always physical.

An acquaintance told me he’d joined the local art and cultural society and was overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge and intellectual superiority of the members he'd met. He might not reach the expert-level of knowledge and understanding associated with the museum curators and university professors he’s associating with.

Still, my friend will be enriched by his exposure to art, architecture, and his intellectual associates.

Since the begging of COVID-19, my business has struggled, and the disruption forced necessary change. (It's been tough for most people.)

My gym closed, and my bad knees refuse to allow me to run any kind of distance.

Memories of stupid decisions dating back to my childhood seem to be reoccurring as if I found a need to beat myself up.

It ended ten-days ago. I purchased a road bike and have hit the streets on two wheels every day since bringing it home.

The bad stuff is fading as I work up some horrendous hills and finish crazy rides.

Things are going to be alright.

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